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them. texas rancher bob mccann says his herd is smaller than it used to be. >> it's going to be hard to rebuild the herd. >> reporter: curt mallory says it won't just impact american food costs but global supply. >> if anybody has a marginal or total crop failure, it's going to start impacting worldwide the availability of those commodities on the food shelf. it's that critical. i've never seen it in my lifetime. >> reporter: the national weather service isn't providing much hope. its new spring forecast calls for warmer than normal temperatures with little relief from the drought. for "nightly business report," jane wells, moore park, california. >>> and coming up, first smoking, then cholesterol levels. now one company is asking employees to weigh in. or pay up for health insurance. is it a motivation to get healthy or an invasion of privacy? first, though, let's attack a look at how the international markets finished the day. >>> we don't have to tell you the cost of health care is skyrocketing, especially for big companies providing coverage for thousands of workers. but there's
they finally gave a.i.g. assistance, paulson called the then-c.e.o. bob williamson. calls him on the phone and says we're going to give you one opportunity, the only one, you're going to get $85 billion, we'll lend you $85 billion at 14.5% interest everybody getting access to the fed window is down 1.5% to 2%. and we're going to take 79.9% of the equity. then he said incidentally, you're fired. so sign the agreement. he said no, you've just fired me why would i sign the agreement? so he sends in ed liddy. ed liddy is on the goldman board he signs the agreement and resigns from the goldman board three days later of the $85 billion, $65 billion goes out the back door. $14 of it goes to goldman sachs. >> rose: the reason i am telling this story is because it is at the heart of the suit you have filed on behalf of stockholders. the notion that there was a deal made that the bailout deed was not in the interest of the shareholders of a.i.g. that's the essential argument you're making. >> yes, it was the takings, we have the constitution that says you can't -- government can't take property with
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)